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The best part about being away is coming home.

I'm actually smiling about how much I have to do - unpacking, groceries, returning calls, returning emails, getting my campaign 3 email composed, putting away the Christmas tree, laundry, LOSING 10 LBS THAT I GAINED IN FLORIDA, but first....I will go get the dog from my in-laws :)

Let me know if you'd like to receive my Avon emails :) Meave@LadyAvon.ca

I promised myself that this year I would make proper time for my business. Cameron, the daughter of my next door neighbour is going to help me with the boys on a regular basis for an hourly wage + Avon. I'm thinking twice a week to start. One hour at a time. I must also look into getting Mateo into a tumbling/gymnastics class pronto. Keeping these guys cooped up for the rest of the winter inside the house won't do ANY of us any good.

I keep checking www.themompreneur.com for the most recent edition which I'm in, but nothing yet :) Good things come to those who wait??

I'm also really excited about the new free product bundle available to new Avon representatives:

I want some new women on my team who WANT to make money and have some fun with me! Going to organize a big night for my team in the next few weeks. I've been putting a lot of thought into this for quite some time now.

2011 is OURS!

JOIN MY TEAM - anyone in Canada can be part of my Team

Welcome home