I must put through an additional C25 order today. I'm a bit excited to figure out what my total C25 order is.

I will be reaching Presidents Club again this year, without ANY struggle! I wonder how much I will be over by??

I wish every representative could enjoy 40% fixed earnings at least once in their Avon career, because once you've experienced it, you'll never want anything else!

As a thank you to all of my customers, I've given them all 25% off their December orders if they placed a $50 or more order with me in November. Nice, right? It's made for some very wonderful & large orders!!

We have a fantastic group of seniors we service at their home, and I've also offered them free gift wrapping.

My boys are finally getting over this nasty cold. Thankfully it was short lived, as I had it too. I just have the eh hem's now, and a stuffy nose. More than anything I just need a good night of sleep, but that won't happen until Mason's little cough subsides. I can't leave him to suffer alone, so I go in & just hold him & rock. Last night I went in around 2am & coated him for the 2nd time in Vapo Rub for babies.

I keep meaning to post more from my blackberry. It's often one more thing I don't make time for because Mason & Mateo are keeping me way too busy through the day. LOL.

OK. It's time for Mason's morning nap, which means my window of opportunity to shower & get a few things done.

Have a wonderful & productive day.