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I'm writing from my HOT new laptop!

I was going to use my AUL bonus money to buy myself one, but my hubby beat me to it! Merry Christmas to me :)

To say that I'm pumped about the New Year would be a major understatement...

Tonight is my Leadership Holiday dinner, which means that I'll be dining with some of my favorite women on the planet. What to wear??

At last years dinner, one of my goals was to be come AUL before the end of 2010 - taaa daaa!~

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm so excited to see Mateo's face & overall reaction with each & every function we have coming up.

The MOMpreneur article comes out in January. Avon will also have a perfectly timed product incentive for new representatives that I must take FULL advantage of.

My 2011 goal is to become a very secure Executive Unit Leader, and get my girls making some serious money. I know who wants this, and I know who I need to spend my spare time with in the new year. I couldn't be happier to be spending more time with these people in the coming days/weeks/months.

And how cute are my boys???


What's everyone's thoughts on paid accounts? To bother, or not to bother??
Cute BOYS!

Paid accounts are so inexpensive, really. It's worth it to me to make the ads and pop up windows disappear.

Besides, being a business owner myself, if in some small way it keeps someone in a job and providing for their family especially since I find the service useful.. .I like to do my part.