With Mason on the verge of crawling, and Mateo deciding it's time to go to school (Caillou has inspired many things recently, including our first visit to the dentist, and now school?!) I am wondering if the worst of having my hands LITERALLY full with the kids is almost behind me.

Amazing how it feels like it's never going to end, and yet, it's over so fast. Babies are so precious and short-lasting.

At 6 months, Mason is wearing 1 year clothing :) He's very long, and I think he's going to keep his darker features, unlike Mateo, who's got blonde hair, fair skin & blue eyes like mommy.

If Mateo goes to school, that's 2 hours, twice a week that I can book more focused Avon time. Making phone calls. Writing emails. Perhaps creating little videos, as I've been contemplating. Doing appointments with new representatives... The list just goes on & on!!

Putting an Additional C22 order today if anyone wants/needs anything.

I get great mail discounts through Avon, so shipping to you isn't a problem (and it'll be cheap).


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