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Putting away 4 loads of laundry at the moment while hubby & boys hang out downstairs.

I'm not as tired as I should be, after everything I've been doing the last 3 days.

The basement is getting a HUGE work-over.

My home office got a more functional work-over and the boys are now going to enjoy a play room.

It will be wonderful to have quality time with them AND get work done. Everything will be more organized as a result because I won't be cleaning up the same messes throughout the house multiple times a day if everything is in the basement!


Photos to come.

Meave E. Mastracci
Presidents Club Sales Representative & Advanced Unit Leader
This is going to be a truly fantastic year.

I have never been so motivated and I've finally gotten to a point of organization that I KNOW I can get what needs to be done (my boys) accomplished while still achieving the things I WANT to get done.

I welcome ANY CANADIAN - male or female, to join my team & start enjoying the part-time, full-time, ANY TIME opportunity that Avon is!

My help + support. $125+ of free product (limited time offer), your own @LadyAvon.ca email address, FREE business cards, and no limit potential to what you can do and earn with your very own Avon business.



Don't wait - let's get you ROCKIN'!

Meave E. Mastracci
Presidents Club Sales Representative & Advanced Unit Leader

The best part about being away is coming home.

I'm actually smiling about how much I have to do - unpacking, groceries, returning calls, returning emails, getting my campaign 3 email composed, putting away the Christmas tree, laundry, LOSING 10 LBS THAT I GAINED IN FLORIDA, but first....I will go get the dog from my in-laws :)

Let me know if you'd like to receive my Avon emails :) Meave@LadyAvon.ca

I promised myself that this year I would make proper time for my business. Cameron, the daughter of my next door neighbour is going to help me with the boys on a regular basis for an hourly wage + Avon. I'm thinking twice a week to start. One hour at a time. I must also look into getting Mateo into a tumbling/gymnastics class pronto. Keeping these guys cooped up for the rest of the winter inside the house won't do ANY of us any good.

I keep checking www.themompreneur.com for the most recent edition which I'm in, but nothing yet :) Good things come to those who wait??

I'm also really excited about the new free product bundle available to new Avon representatives:

I want some new women on my team who WANT to make money and have some fun with me! Going to organize a big night for my team in the next few weeks. I've been putting a lot of thought into this for quite some time now.

2011 is OURS!

JOIN MY TEAM - anyone in Canada can be part of my Team
I'm writing from my HOT new laptop!

I was going to use my AUL bonus money to buy myself one, but my hubby beat me to it! Merry Christmas to me :)

To say that I'm pumped about the New Year would be a major understatement...

Tonight is my Leadership Holiday dinner, which means that I'll be dining with some of my favorite women on the planet. What to wear??

At last years dinner, one of my goals was to be come AUL before the end of 2010 - taaa daaa!~

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm so excited to see Mateo's face & overall reaction with each & every function we have coming up.

The MOMpreneur article comes out in January. Avon will also have a perfectly timed product incentive for new representatives that I must take FULL advantage of.

My 2011 goal is to become a very secure Executive Unit Leader, and get my girls making some serious money. I know who wants this, and I know who I need to spend my spare time with in the new year. I couldn't be happier to be spending more time with these people in the coming days/weeks/months.

And how cute are my boys???


What's everyone's thoughts on paid accounts? To bother, or not to bother??
But I seem to practice it in just about everything I do...

The more I want something, it seems the more I am tested, to see how badly I want it.

I'm 90% sure that I am now an Advanced Unit Leader, but have to wait almost an entire week for the new reports to come out. Tick.... tock.... tick....

It's been snowing like crazy here, and I'm very happy to say that the boys & I have NO plans outside of the house today, so there's no need to dig out my LADYAVON Mobile. I do have to clear another path for our little Carmella who practically vanishes each time I let her out back to do her 'business' though. I cleared a path for her yesterday, but she's back up to her little chest again. I think the farthest I shall go today is the mailbox :)

I really wish that there was a smart phone application for me to add to my Avon orders. Or a phone that would let me do everything I need to do on the website, which requires java.

I just upgraded my Blackberry Curve recently to the 9300, which I'm liking, but I would really love to be more efficient in the new year.

I've decided to use my AUL bonus to buy myself a new laptop. MY laptop. *I use hubby-man's laptop when I can't be downstairs in my office on my PC. I want my own laptop that I can take with me on appointments, or to work on from the comfort of my bed in the evenings or during afternoon quiet-time. I say "quiet time" because Mr. Mateo doesn't nap any more, but we usually spend about an hour apart in the afternoons, where he will play quietly in his room, and I am usually putting away laundry in mine.

I can't believe that Christmas is here. As far as Avon is concerned, Christmas is almost over! We are in campaign 26 now, and that's the last book before the big day. I had an incredible C25. Placed FOUR C25 orders, for a total of nearly $2,000.00

Do any of you in LJ-land use Zoompass? Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences?

I must run. Someone smells questionable... Ah, the glamorous life!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day my friends.

PS - I need some new Avon Lady or LadyAvon icons for the new year. Also contemplating getting a paid account...

www.LadyAvon.ca - JOIN MY TEAM & have some fun while making money!!!! Anyone in Canada can be a "LADY" with me. You'll even get your own @LadyAvon.ca email address!
I must put through an additional C25 order today. I'm a bit excited to figure out what my total C25 order is.

I will be reaching Presidents Club again this year, without ANY struggle! I wonder how much I will be over by??

I wish every representative could enjoy 40% fixed earnings at least once in their Avon career, because once you've experienced it, you'll never want anything else!

As a thank you to all of my customers, I've given them all 25% off their December orders if they placed a $50 or more order with me in November. Nice, right? It's made for some very wonderful & large orders!!

We have a fantastic group of seniors we service at their home, and I've also offered them free gift wrapping.

My boys are finally getting over this nasty cold. Thankfully it was short lived, as I had it too. I just have the eh hem's now, and a stuffy nose. More than anything I just need a good night of sleep, but that won't happen until Mason's little cough subsides. I can't leave him to suffer alone, so I go in & just hold him & rock. Last night I went in around 2am & coated him for the 2nd time in Vapo Rub for babies.

I keep meaning to post more from my blackberry. It's often one more thing I don't make time for because Mason & Mateo are keeping me way too busy through the day. LOL.

OK. It's time for Mason's morning nap, which means my window of opportunity to shower & get a few things done.

Have a wonderful & productive day.
The MOMpreneur - a really great magazine & e-zine for business minded mamas will have a little something of ME in the January/February issue!

2011 is going to be a very exciting year. Avon has the most exciting events AND products coming up. I could hardly sleep last week after my VIP Leadership dinner.

Only two campaigns left for Christmas! WOAH! If you don't hear from me for a bit, you'll know why! LOL.

It's time to connect w/my team & get some serious stuff shakin'. We have money to make :) New products to try & enjoy :) Holiday parties to attend :) Customers to meet & service :) Fantastic women to find for our crew :)


Meave E. Mastracci
Presidents Club Sales Representative & Unit Leader

Join My Team Today!

Add to the list of things I can do while Teo's in school:

Groceries w/out negotiations


Meave E. Mastracci
Presidents Club Sales Representative & Unit Leader

Join My Team Today!
With Mason on the verge of crawling, and Mateo deciding it's time to go to school (Caillou has inspired many things recently, including our first visit to the dentist, and now school?!) I am wondering if the worst of having my hands LITERALLY full with the kids is almost behind me.

Amazing how it feels like it's never going to end, and yet, it's over so fast. Babies are so precious and short-lasting.

At 6 months, Mason is wearing 1 year clothing :) He's very long, and I think he's going to keep his darker features, unlike Mateo, who's got blonde hair, fair skin & blue eyes like mommy.

If Mateo goes to school, that's 2 hours, twice a week that I can book more focused Avon time. Making phone calls. Writing emails. Perhaps creating little videos, as I've been contemplating. Doing appointments with new representatives... The list just goes on & on!!

Putting an Additional C22 order today if anyone wants/needs anything.

I get great mail discounts through Avon, so shipping to you isn't a problem (and it'll be cheap).


JOIN MY TEAM - *TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE HOLIDAYS! Christmas is always the best time of year to be an Avon Lady :)